We individualize standard software

We are a young technology company based in Berlin, Germany
We are specialized in connecting, adapting and extending standard software
We also develop individualized software from scratch
We provide products and tools for requirements engineering
We consult and support with our gained knowledge


Individual Standard GmbH (abbrv. IVS) is an IT service provider committed to being the premium choice in individualization of standard software. Founded in 2015 and based in Berlin, Germany, its roots are in the automotive industry. IVS's directors Dr.-Ing. Thomas Noack und Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Wilmes were first working in a research institute of a German automobile manufacturer in the fields of requirements engineering, model-based development and test automation.

Through the use of agile processes, we accomplish our daily tasks in an invigorating and enthusiastic atmosphere which is to be expected from a young start-up.

Though our history is short, we have justifiably become experts in our field as our growing array of standard software tools can attest and which are also a delight to our expanding list of customers. Aside from our focus on requirements and test engineering, we've started broadening our scope to include other exciting thematic fields and technologies, such as big data, services and artificial intelligence.


Individualization of standard software

By standard software we refer to software on the market and made available to a wide range of customers.

Our core service is to customize standard software to best suit the individual requirements and objectives of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation
  • Process integration / utilization concept
  • Configuration
  • Plugin development
  • Development of APIs or API tools
    • Use-case-specific APIs
    • Data retrieval / input
    • Synchronization
    • Coupling of standard software
  • Data/tool migration

Development of individualized software

In contrast to standard software, individualized software is developed especially for the client and thus, in nearly all instances, used exclusively by the client.

With our knowledge and experience in the field between standard software implementation and individualized software, we stand by our customer's side when the right software solution needs to be planned and developed for their unique needs.

Aside from development within the realms of contracts made with our clients, we also create our own software products/tools.

Our developers have experience in an extensive array of software types, including services, desktop-, web-, client/server- and backend-applications, as well as frameworks, libraries und technologies. To stay in step with the latest technologies, we have in-house a very active knowledge management.


With our accumulated knowledge pertaining to standard software, requirements engineering and testing as well as software development methods, processes and technologies, we're happy to support our clients in an advisory capacity.

Often, our consulting tasks go hand in hand with the individualization of standard software or the development of new software, and hence may come as part of the package.

We're also happy to provide to our customers training and education services in our areas of expertise.


We're available to use/apply a standard software or our own software products (such as DNGMig) for our customer.

Our clients profit from our experience with the details of certain standard software, especially when it comes to putting our own products to use.

Our skills aquired in individualization of standard software, such as scripting, are an asset which bolsters our engineering abilities and enable us to solve complicated problems in a timely manner.

In case a customer's company develops or maintains their own software, the customer may hire us for development sprints - to support at activities like design, programming and quality assurance or testing.


Standard software

  • Bamboo
  • Bitbucket / SourceTree
  • Confluence
  • DOORS Classic
  • DOORS Next Generation
  • JIRA
  • Jazz (RTC, QM, DM, AM, Global Config)
  • Jenkins
  • Matlab und Simulink
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word)
  • PREEVision
  • Rational Publishing Engine
  • Rhapsody
  • Tableau

Methods / Processes

  • Change & Configuration Management
  • Information Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Test Engineering


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Microservices / REST
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Static Analysis
  • Test automation
  • Web technologies (e.g. Angular)


  • ISO 26262
  • OSLC
  • ReqIF



DNGMig is a freeware tool for migrating requirement documents from the standard software DOORS Classic to IBM's new software DOORS Next Generation (DNG).

For exchange, DNGMig uses the standardized format ReqIF. The tool provides a collection of migration commands that transform ReqIF documents perfectly suited for the DNG environment.

Details & Download | Manual


RASAS is short for 'ReqIF as a service'. It specifies a REST API (web service interface) for ReqIF documents.

RASAS aims at establishing a REST API standard for ReqIF. Standard software, such as requirements management tools, may use and implement this standard to offer a modern and common interoperability interface.

Details & Download


We are a young startup in which each and every employee is valued. Fresh ideas, enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility are not only welcomed by us, but also sought after. A day at our workplace involves projects stemming mainly from the automotive industry, while our name, Individual Standard, speaks to our focus - individualizing standard software from big companies to suit the unique needs of big software users, as well as developing our own, individual software products.

We offer:

  • a diverse and open team with a flexible and relaxed working atmosphere
  • flexible work hours depending on the project
  • a diversity of projects and tasks, from concept development of programs all the way to consulting and programming.
  • freedom of design and development possibilities.
  • fair pay
Be it an application for an opening or a speculative application, simply send us a mail at join[at]



Helmholtzstr. 2-9, 10587 Berlin, DE