The optimal solution for migrating your data

from Rational DOORS

to DOORS Next Generation

Why DNGMig?

Migrating to DOORS Next Generation presents numerous challenges involving small details:

  • What are the fundamental differences between DOORS and DOORS Next Generation to look out for?
  • How can modules be modernized when it comes to new features?
  • How can hundreds of modules be transferred?

DNGMig is the optimal solution for these challenges.

What's more: DNGMig is freeware!

‘We provide a tool for automatic migration of DOORS modules’


With DNGMig we have developed a tool which vastly simplifies the migration from DOORS Classic to DNG. The tool is based on ReqIF, the standard exchange format for requirements, and sets an ETL process into motion:

  1. Extraction from DOORS-Projects into the ReqIF format
  2. Transformation of the extracted ReqIF via DNGMig
  3. Loading the transformated ReqIF in DOORS Next Generation

‘Do you have enough fingers to count the modules, templates and DXL plugins that your business requires?
How often have you migrated already? For us, it's a daily task!’


Select the desired program variant to download DNGMig free of cost.

The variants for Windows and Mac OS X include the required Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Download the Java variant only if you already have an up-to-date version of the JRE installed on your machine.

By downloading DNGMig, you accept the license agreement. Click on the following link to show the agreement.

End User License Agreement ('EULA') for the DNGMig tool by Individual Standard IVS GmbH

Individual Standard IVS GmbH ('IVS' in the following) hereby grants permission to download and
use the DNGMig software under the following terms:

  1. Downloading and using the present version of DNGMig, including all enclosed data and documentation, requires no payment by the user to IVS or any other party (DNGMig is freeware).
  2. The user is NOT entitled to free technical support from IVS.
  3. You may NOT modify DNGMig.
  4. You may NOT distribute or sell DNGMig or licenses for DNGMig, with the following exception: You MAY distribute unmodified copies of DNGMig to other members of YOUR company or organization, subject to the condition that the distribution is free of charge and that DNGMig is not placed on the Internet or any other public access network.
  5. You may NOT include DNGMig or any part of DNGMig in any other (software) collection or other product (except the external libraries in the 'lib' folder, with respect to the individual licenses of these libraries).
  6. Title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights of DNGMig remain with IVS or the original copyright holders.
  7. IVS or any contributors do not warrant that the use of the product is uninterrupted or error free. In no event shall IVS or any contributors be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage, including (but not limited to) loss of revenues or loss of profits.

Copyright © 2017-2020 Individual Standard IVS GmbH, All rights reserved


Do you need support for the migration from DOORS Classic to DOORS Next Generation, for example, in application of DNGMig? Would you like to benefit from our experience in the themes of migration and DNGMig? We're happy to help! Send us your request to dngmig[at]

Our services in this area includes:

  • Planning and execution of (initial) migrations
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Customization of DNGMig
  • Postprocessing
  • Data and method migration

Our team is very experienced in dealing with ReqIF. Individual Standard is also member of the ReqIF Implementor Forum (ReqIF IF). In case you have any questions on this subject, don't hesitate to contact us.


Yes, DNGMig is freeware and may be downloaded and used free of cost. We offer consultation and support for the migrator. Contact us per e-mail at dngmig[at]

Yes, during migration, all transformations are logged. A report can be exported.

Yes, this is part of our business model. In the basic verion, numerous migration commands are provided free of cost. Should specific migration commands be required, we will gladly implement them per commission. Contact us at dngmig[at]

We offer webinar or workshops for DNGMig upon request. Please send inquiries to dngmig[at]